Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It looks like the next year is going to be particularly challenging, and perhaps it will help to sort it out verbally. We have decided to move from Massachusetts to New York, where my husband now works; he has been commuting every weekend, but it is not the kind of family life we want. And it looks like this job is right for him--challenging, good people, well-paid. So, we need to figure out when, where, and to what to move. Should we buy land and build our dream house? Guaranteed to take a while, both to find the land and to build it--but it would be nice to finally have a real library room, big enough for all our books (well, a good portion of them). Should we try to find an existing house that is close enough to what we want--certainly quicker, probably cheaper, than building. Should we buy an existing house on a largish chunk of land, so we can move sooner and build a new house, and then subdivide?

And then there's where: my husband works in SoHo, so we need to be within decent commuting distance from the city. What towns would suit us? We want good schools, of course; intelligent neighbors; a sense of community; room for a garden of considerable size (I don't have enough discipline for a small garden). It would be nice if the kids could ride their bikes on the roads, and if there were sidewalks on which to walk the dog. I have a dread of finding only pretentious, materialistic, Prada-wearing women; I'm sure I'm wrong, I must be wrong; but I do remember taking German in college because I wanted to prove to myself that my prejudice against the language was unjustified. It wasn't. I don't like German literature, I don't like the sound of the language, I should have taken Italian.